Street ARt

The augmented reality filters of Facebook and Instagram will have no more secrets for you!

Follow the course on our website with the help of the Techstation community, learn how to create your own augmented reality filters and publish them in the Street ARt app to share them!

Create your own augmented reality effects

Learn with us how to use Spark AR, the framework that will allow you to create augmented reality filters to publish on Facebook and Instagram. Follow our free online course and become an augmented reality wizard!

We are the 3D Street Art of Padua!

Street art colors the walls of every city in the world, we thought that with the use of augmented reality we could give new life to these works of art. Use Spark AR on Padua's graffiti and murals and let's give new perspectives to our city's works of art!

A Community to help you

The Techstation community is ready to welcome anyone willing to get their hands on Spark AR.
If you have difficulty following online courses and need support, if you love street art and information technology but don't know where to start or if you want to chat with someone about new technologies, enter the Techstation Community now to get to know interesting people, always ready to help you!

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An app to share

Upload your filters and share them with everyone! In our app you can upload the preview of your filter to make it available to everyone! What if you want to make a filter on a new work? Simple, photograph it and add it yourself! All you have to do is sign up for our app and start playing with Spark ARt!


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