The Blockchain told to kids

Today there is a lot of talk about Blockchain technology. We are in a historical moment in which this innovation is attracting a lot of attention, but too often we get stranded in a still quite generalized confusion, between Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain Platforms, Smart Contracts and so on.

The aim of the project is to provide an overview of Blockchain topics and the technological universe defined as Web 3.0, to offer children useful tools for orientation, essential in such a dynamic context.


Blockchain is a frontier topic and still not very mature for the general public, but precisely for this reason it will be crucial when students enter the world of work.

In addition to the obvious spectrum of possibilities that it will open up, however, the risks and scams present in the sector cannot be overlooked. A strong element of the course will be giving students the tools to move independently with awareness.


The program includes:

- exercises in the classroom to simulate complex mechanisms that take place on the net (how a ledger works, sending tokens, liquidity systems)

- basic coding elements but no specific skills are required

- legal and regulatory framework in this evolving sector

- hints for those who want to learn more about digital art and music

It introduces a series of topics that students can explore on their own, through the material that will be made available.

After the course, the experience continues in an online community (Discord channel Techstation Padova) where you can meet other users  and continue to explore the topics of the course even informally.


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