Associazione culturale

Techstation Padova

We value your digital skills to make them attractive for a digital career.

Techstation is an association active since February 2018 in the city of Padua, Italy.

In an urban space with strong characteristics, Techstation Padova has developed a hub of social innovation that uses technology as a tool to develop projects and services in favor of the common good: associations, professionals, startuppers and public administration united to create opportunities for people. The project, developed to support young people in situations of social and / or work marginalization, is highly inclusive and makes use of innovative training courses, events, Hackathons, workshops to provide free skills, in particular digital, to subjects usually excluded from similar opportunities.

All our activities take place within a free coworking space that sees daily the intersection of heterogeneous figures such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, actors of social entrepreneurship and innovation, associations, which with their activities give life to a space of contamination and independent and horizontal continuous learning.

The beneficiaries of the training courses are currently all those subjects excluded or on the margins of the labor market, or even just looking for an employment, who need to acquire transversal skills in the digital field, therefore: students who have left the university, unemployed, NEETs, young people who have suspended their studies, refugees and / or asylum seekers, second-generation immigrants.

Following the COVID emergency, the Techstation hub had to close its doors waiting for the situation to turn to the best. Techstation's activities have continued unabated even though there is a need to manage a physical space in which to be in contact with people!

There could be hot news soon! Stay tuned!